Weekend Wrap-up: July 3 – Out of this World

Lines by Leon

It was World UFO Day yesterday and I missed it. I was busy working on my Quantum Lithium Injectors – they get so clogged with dark matter if you forget to engage the Resonance Field Relays. That’s my one beef with Universal Hyper-Vehicles: the RFRs should be automatic, but they still insist on a manual select function. Anything to keep the cost down, I guess. Yet there is a cup holder. Go figure.

From my blog this week

Free Book Friday: July 2

Thursday Thoughts: National Holidays. Canada, eh? – Some peaceful protests later that day, and a few…well, not so.

Weird Wednesday: June 30 – A little bit on the English language

Tuesday Tidbits: “I’ll take Quotable Quotes for 500 Alex.”

Monday Musings – Paying it forward

From other blogs:

Book Release – Unvanquished – Another blogger becomes a published author!

1st July 2021…Plastic Free July…Be the Change… –…

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