a dead body in the room

there was a dead body in the room Had to be Else where did the smell come from? Every time he’d turn around to catch a ghost or a zombie from the corner of his eyes the smell would slap him A smell of death He decided he’d look around for the dead body but later He didn’t have the energy now or the disposition or anything He only wanted to sleep some more He just woke up and needed a good nap to recover Perhaps there were times when it didn’t make sense but now, today, nothing made more sense that this All you need is a healthy dose of chronic depression and it makes sense Just like not cleaning the room and not taking a shower in a time longer than memory can be bothered to remember So he paced back to the bed and climbed in and dragged the blanket, heavy with caked dirt, on his body and closed his eyes He fell asleep in spite of the smell of death coming closer still The dreams were always a little bit better in the nap taken after waking up from the night’s sleep One time he even dreamed he was a published author. Not a great or even a good one, but published

a dead body in the room

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