Book Review: The Liberation of Sita

Carved Spines

TITLE: The Liberation of Sita


GENRE: Fiction

“Does anyone in this world have the power to decide between truth and untruth?”

The Indian epic, Ramayana is a story about Rama’s journey of exile and his quest to rescue his wife, Sita after she was abducted by a demon King, Ravana. Many have heard this story, many have adored this story of valor and many have framed it on the walls of their mind to keep it intact and rooted to its original flow.

But here comes Volga to show us that this river could have streams and this story, The Liberation of Sita, is one such stream.

Some women get left in the dark, in the shadows cast by men of light; they lurk in the corners of an unknown world without having a voice. But when they are found, we realize, they all…

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