Book Review: House of Hollow

Carved Spines

TILTLE: House of Hollow

AUTHOR: Krystal Sutherland

GENRE: Thriller

The worst nightmare for a parent is to lose their child. But what if you lose not only one, but all three of your children in a single night?

Hollows were a mediocre family living in Edinburgh until that fateful night when their three daughters, Grey, Vivi and Iris, disappeared from solid ground only to be found on that exact spot a month later, unharmed, but somehow with different hair and eyes.

There are things in every family that are not talked about. Stories you know without really knowing how you know them, tales of terrible things that cast long shadows over generations.

House of Hollow

This book reads like a lullaby entwined with an ominous music. Throughout the book, smell is used as a powerful imagery.

You will find characters of this book hanging by a…

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