Jackpot at the library

Tao Talk

library books bought 062821

Eight dollars:
words, pictures.
Your castoff’s
my jackpot.

Normally I don’t take my purse in with me at the library as the bar code to check out books is on a plastic tab on my keychain. Last week I saw a sign outside saying to check out their sales area which is in a vestibule near the front door that I never use and so brought it in today. All hardbacks are $2, even the giant coffee table book of photos. As I’m working on postcards for the POPO my eyes glommed onto that one and the mosaic workshop one. I can cut images from the Eye to Eye and get ideas from the mosaic one. The one on wildflowers is for field identification. You’ll see the bonus book, Nick Hornby’s, “Juliet, Naked,” which I am very much looking forward to reading.

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