How Do I … Indeed…Make the Musings Last?

Now The Mysterious Blabberer?

How do I keep the musings coming?

How do I make them last?

How do I keep my words from fading

Way to fast?

How do I not lose myself to NADA?

And yet, never lose my mind?

How do I not run out of new crap to post … each time?

And since we all know

That I’m always acting strangely

How is it I’m not totally insane?

Yes! Tell me this, how post after post

You’re sure my head won’t just … explode

Each time I get no likes, comments or worthless Fame?

I Know … the way I long for likes…

It’s Hal, for now or never

The more I post, the more I flop

So in disguise

I may not post forever …… foreverlast!

So … If we can be the best of followers

Yet be the best of friends

If I…

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