He started his journey by planting 20 bamboo saplings and after many years of hard work he has turned 560 hectares land into forest


They say it’s impossible for one person to change the world however the hero of our story decided to prove everyone wrong as he believes the main thing is to know exactly what you want from life and pursue your goal with dedication then you’ll be bound to succeed. Once upon a time the Indian island of Majuli on the Brahmaputra river was the largest island in the world with the unbelievable area of 1100 square kilometers however everything changed in 1979 it was the year when a severe flood hit the island affecting the lives of many local residents the disaster killed a lot of snakes and other animals they were simply washed away many will say things like that can’t be prevented that there’s nothing one can do about it however a sixteen-year-old boy named Jadav from the village of jorhat on the island of majuli was so…

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