A cat with an extraordinary gift


Most people in our modern world would probablylike to know at least a little bit about theirfuture, about how their life would turn out.Will they be rich? Will they be poor? Willthey meet the love of their life?Or will they make the wrong choice? But I have just one question for you: Would youlike to know the date you’re going to die? Andhow would you feel about it, if it weren’t even aperson who would make that prediction for you, buta regular cat? And believeyou me, this isn’t a joke…The most ordinary cat named Oscar lives ina hospice in Providence, USA… But he onlylooks ordinary. Like most other cats, he lovesto eat and sleep well. Oh, and no one reallyknows where he came from. All they know is thatOscar came to the hospice as a little kitten.He grew up and lived there all his life, whilethe compassionate staff took care…

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