Won Week

Dread Poets Sobriety

Good morning, happy penguins and dour penguouts! Have I got a treat for us today. An admission, a song, words that aren’t words, let’s do this!

First the admission, despite the blog’s titular inspiration, the sobriety factor had always been in reference to my former legitimate junkie ways, while ever maintaining my final crutch of cannabis and the occasional wobbly pop. However, recently having surpassed 12 years opiate free, the time has at last arrived to let loose my “logs of chore” and live life to it’s ultimate fullness. And that is that.

I had a great deal of fun writing this rework of a vastly superior BNL song. By the way, mad props to them for crafting this in the first place. Simply attempting to mirror the scheme and get the meter anywhere close to accurate took far more effort than I had envisioned. Then again, what good ever…

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