I Did It Yah-Way

Dread Poets Sobriety

Good morning, dear friends and bizarrely reading “enemies”. Now, I like to consider myself as a man without enemies, even those who hate me are still my brothers, sisters and non binary whatever you care to identify as’ers. Humanity transcends such trivial rivalries and I’ll always be here to welcome any who would properly welcome others. Every moment is a new opportunity to spurn hate and embrace all that this World truly is.

I was accused recently of being a, “modernist”, as though that’s some kind of insult. If anything, it exists solely as an indictment on the history of our species itself. Truly a revolutionary view to attempt minimizing contempt via love. For an atheist, it sure feels as though I’m channeling some Jesus vibes here. Purely coincidental, I assure you, though I do happen to look rather marvelous in sandals. Additionally, with blonde hair and blue eyes, apparently…

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