Frozen Ropes

Dread Poets Sobriety

Good morning, treasured readers! I’m so blessed to be able to lovingly harass you once more with my questionable rhetoric. Welcome back!

A bit of a different opening today, call it a warm open, cold ones are so overdone. Anyway, I’ve been making, or trying to anyway, progress in a particular area and that forms the basis of the proceeding “pledge”.

Today, I will not hate. Despite the myriad of evil persons committing acts of the vilest depravity, I can not hate them. Not anymore. I can, and will, forever work to rectify, educate and catalyze justice, but I WILL NOT HATE.

My goodness, the last post I came across as mock-Jesus, and now it seems we’ve gone full-on Jedi. Now, I have been known to move things with my mind, nothing physically tangible albeit, but when was that caveat ever cited? After all, the force works in mysterious ways…

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