Music and Painting

Marina Kanavaki

As a musician and painter I’ve always listened to music while painting…

never the other way round though.

However, this one is about music moving my hand on canvas and although this was not the music I was listening to when I painted this ‘Character’, it may well had been.

In this version too, with Anne-Sophie Mutter. I was 11 when I first listened to it and I still remember each and every note. Dad too, who caught me putting it on the turntable when I wasn’t allowed anywhere near the stereos! 😉 Had been doing that since the age of 7 but hadn’t been caught – I was really good remembering every detail of the process [carefully handling the record without leaving fingerprints, gently cleaning with this special vinyl cleaner -curved velvet with a beautiful wooden handle]- while it was turning and then carefully placing the needle on the…

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