Rameses II – A Leader Among Leaders

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This is the first post in an ongoing series that will look at key leaders throughout Time and their enduring legacy, including key attributes applicable to leaders today

Image of Rameses II by Nadine Doerlé from Pixabay

I am a great believer that leaders are made, not born. That being said, there is much in the way of literature out there regarding how leaders come to be. Undertake any literature review on the subject and you will find there is a position regarding how leaders are made (and how it is done), or that leaders are born (as if by some divine right!) or perhaps, you will find there is even something in between.

In short, one thing is certain and that is leaders rise to the occasion. However, in this context, leaders are either good or bad, and again, perhaps even something in between.

Leadership is simple, yet complex…

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