Poetry IX- Nature’s Voice

Living with Dying 🍁

When the sky changes colour manifesting its elegant and magnificent shades
And the sun shines spreading its vibrant energy
At that time, the nature lays the path of guidance
Showing the way through its beautiful colours and bright light


When the land shreds its part to sow the seeds
And the trees come up stronger bragging about its mightiness
At that time, the nature gives the instruction of sacrifice
Which later brings us sweet and delicious fruits


When the ocean calmly kisses the shore
And the clouds bring refreshing rain
At that time, the nature teaches the lesson of love
Giving the message of hope to see the strength and beauty inus


When the humans consider themselves superior
And act recklessly without thoughtfulness
Then, the nature sheds it’s tears
Cursing through the disasters…….


All pictures by — Allex…

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