Night Life

Nin Chronicles

A butterfly flutters overhead, dips and curves on cosmic air pockets, and fades into the evening sky. A crack takes shape in the tiles under the left claw foot of the cast iron hot tub. At first a fingernail edge, it breaks out into a split moon. The tile snaps in half. From now on, the water in the tub slants a little and makes it easier for the night fairies to sit on the porcelain edge and dip their toes into the flower-scented water. Their skin ripples silver like jewelweed leaf submerged under a moving current.

The water stagnates. Grass grows. Tiny white flowers and budding fruit trees fertilized by their fallen crops of rotting fruit offer the only nectar around. The night fairies darken and begin to blend into the blackness as the waterline in the tub recedes beyond their reach and turns black-green with algae and dead…

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