Left alone, the Eagle Cried!


An eagle was not really aware of it’s superiority

Though many flying creatures

The raven, the crow, the bat

Even the Fly

Watched the eagles’ exceeding distinction

In covetous envy

While the Eagle just took for granted, it’s supremacy

One day the eagle got injured – other’s envy or it’s own inattentiveness or what?

Soon it parked itself on a broken wood log

Flies that gathered around it’s injury pecked on it

They found motivation when they foundthe great eagle weep

The flies did show pity, and fed the eagle some decay bits

Thankful of the mercies of it’s new caretakers

Each day the eagle waited

anticipating help and a decay feed

One day came tempest storm

The eagle flapped hard

to catch up with the fly swarm

Unnoticed, they moved away

Left alone, the Eagle cried

Now the wood log dragged

roughly through the stormy wind and waters

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