Floating… or Floating?

Roth Poetry

Yesterday, our d’Verse Poets Pub prompt was on using Minimalist Photography as a source of poetic inspiration. “Minimalist photography often pays attention to one single subject in its composition, using nature as its background representative subject matters include geometric patterns, lines and textures, which can range between an apple, a mountain or a bridge, to name a few examples.” ~ Minimalist photography – Wikipedia

I took this photo last Sunday at a local park. When you view the photo you cannot miss the small bottle standing out in all that sea of color. The abstract water reflections surrounding the beer bottle give the illusion that it is floating in mid-air! I love the effects of the gently moving water distorting the reflections from the canopy above.

Bottle suspended

By lake water or by air?

Green canopy shines

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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