The Summoning Begins

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The hunters advance further into the foothills of the purple mountains. Despite Aquilla’s reassuring presence, Owab remains downcast. He cannot pretend that his failure to forestall the lioness’ attack on the elder hasn’t weakened the group’s chances of success in their search for the Rain Bull.

As night falls, the hunters light a fire on a shelf-like outcrop of rock and wait as the quarter moon rises in the velvet sky to align with Orion’s three she-tortoises. Each throws a handful of scented herbs into the flickering flames.

Aquilla cries out;
they gather around the fire
and prepare to dance.

Previous episodes of this little African adventure are here.

Photo credit: researchgate.net

Written in response to two challenges:

–Di ofPensitivity101‘sWednesday’sThree Things ChallengePRETEND, SHELF, TALL
– Denise Farley ofGirlieOnTheEdge‘sSunday’sSix Sentence StoryWord PromptQUARTER

I also set myself the additional…

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