A little inspiration from the mother, the blessings of a thousand strong mothers. What can change a child’s life,


Md. Ridhoy was only four years old when he was studying in the children’s class. Ridho’s intelligence was less than that of an ordinary boy. He was not good at studying like other students, suddenly one day madam called his mother and asked her to do a math in front of her mother but Ridho could not do it out of fear. Ridho became paralyzed for some time. He waited for a long time. Madam made him very ashamed in front of his mother and also listened to his mother a lot and told her not to keep Ridho in school. After a few days Ridho refrains from going to school, he is given a chance after many requests from his mother. The students laughed and joked about Ridho at school. Ridho had to cry a lot when he returned home and his mother told him, “I know that if…

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