Poetry VI – I want to be free

Living with Dying 🍁

Often, I scream, I got no one. Yeah,no one . No one to share my joy , no one to feel my pain. I know that’s a total lie. Haahh, I know there are people who would listen to me without single complain but what if they end up reckoning and believing something which is not true. Maybe, they are a good listener but that doesn’t make them a good empath . So, I choose to draw lines between me and them . Here ,I try my best to put those thoughts in words, I hope you enjoy the read…

Tell me the problem, I’ll find you a solution.
Ever want to speak, come to me.
No, the problem isn’t that I don’t have anyone to listen to.
The problem is that I just don’t want to speak to them.
The problem isn’t that I have no friends .

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