Poetry I – I , Me , Myself

Living with Dying 🍁

I, Me, Myself

Waiting for the storm

You say you know me very well,

Alright, what if I say you’re wrong.

You neither know my story,

Nor you lived my life .

For you’ve seen my skin,

And not the untamed world I hide.

You heard my voice, right?!,

But how about my cribbing heart.


I call myself an independent soul.

And you know what I believe is that,

Your perception about me is,

None of my business.


For you’re here with me now,

Watching and judging all my way.

But you’ve not been here for long enough,

To watch a new life start,

Or see the run-down fire,

Deep inside my heart and soul.



At the end I’m left with:-,

I, me, myself .

For I know myself better,

And I’m never too quick,

To judge myself…………………….


-Aanchal Parmar

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