Rains ~ a feeling.

Smiling Little Things

It has started to rain in Mumbai, I feel a special connection with the rains, it feels like the whole world has dimmed the lights and the spotlight has just come over you. Being a person who continuously finds herself vacillating between being an introvert or an extrovert( wished there was a word for us, won’t call me an ambivert as they are kind of balanced personalities), rains make me an introvert. Introverted in a way that they set me up for joy. Just I and my thoughts kind of have a dance if that makes any sense. It deepens my relationship with my otherwise mundane cup of coffee, and everything starts to look more special, deeper, more pleasant. Any book I hold just drowns me in with the splattering sound of the rains outside as if all the noises have been taken over by the rains. I also enjoy…

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