The young Master Doowhat Useless-Hopeless

Who’d have thought it! Me aka Mr Doowhat Useless-Hopeless put this little video collection of mainly very old photographs from my new book, ‘An Only Child & His Mum’s Amazing Germ Phobia’ along with a backing instrumental by the title ‘A Life’, courtesy of my son…who is featured as a baby in mum’s arms somewhere in the book and also in the video…the composer, Zoolon who also posts blogs on WP. I’ll admit it took me 4 hours and a multiplicity of foul swear words to get it done, such is my incompetence.

This short video reflects the tome itself and its unusual take on life and Social History from 1950s onward. It’s all about this aging juvenile’s reminiscence of existence under the indestructible shadow of my mother’s bewildering, all-consuming germ phobia and it’s mostly hilarious, sometimes just plain sad impact on my life…

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