How would this make you feel?


Woke up in despair.

Wondering if

He’d even cared.

Looked at my phone.

In hopes he’d reached out.

Not a word nor vibration

Complete and utter silence

I drift away into a deeper slumber

Hoping to sleep my day away

With a silenced phone


Tattered heart.

He’d reached out.

Before I awoke.


It wasn’t love,

He’d wanted to express.

But a crap attempt.

To twist his guilt on me.

And so the story goes like this…

He wasted my time

My love and my bliss.

Built me up just to tear me down

Classic tactic

Of someone who needs control.

Ignored me plenty


Often dropped off


When his behavior was reciprocated,

His true colors came out.

©Rarenwise 2021

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