Do good people still live?

Unhampered steps

… My phone dropped on my way to church today, just opposite my house. I didn’t notice until I got to church and I had many reasons to conclude that I left it back home.
Fast forward… Returned back home this evening and me putting a call through…
Apparently, someone in my street until I came gave a description of where to collect it from. I have never met him before. Good people still exist in this country. Many of them. ✨ That’s my side of the Nigerian story.

Those were the words of my brother after he had an encounter with his phone’s Saviour 😅.

Oftentimes, what happens to a phone like this after being taken is that the owner accepts that the phone is far gone never to be returned. Probably, it would be taken to a phone technician, wiped and sold, or retained by the individual who…

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