Dancing for Pennies

Grandchild of God.

When I left work today
My leather bag heavy on my hand
And my tie loosened
I passed by the market path
Where a young man was dancing for pennies
Music was playing from a shop close by
And on those borrowed sounds
He made his day’s quarter
On bare feet and threadbare shirt
a smile on their face he carried on
Almost kicking over his bowl of pennies
And making everyone around beam with smiles
I stood a while and then walked off — smiling

I thought as I boarded an old crowded bus
If only I’d be half as glad doing my job
Like that young man dancing for pennies
Another man carefully chains carts to a metal reel
Whistling as everyone goes about their business
And I look outside my window
They look like passing trees
Beautiful glad trees they are.
Dancing in the wind
Dancing for…

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