5 Things My School Taught Me That I Am Thankful For 🧐

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No intro, jumping right into the point!

1: I am thankful to my “all girls” school for teaching me how to interact with boys

Since LKG (I still don’t know what it stands for btw 😄) I have always studied in the same school meaning in an all-girls school (don’t judge me, it’s one of the most popular ones in my city). This means that there is absolutely no boy in my school. As crazy as it may sound, it’s true. So because of that, we children know exactly how to behave with boys 😂.

I’ve had a few guy friends in my life from time to time so I have avoided the awkwardness and I don’t find it uncomfortable to be around boys and talk with boys. It feels perfectly normal to me. Though, that’s not the case with some of my other friends. Not everyone I know finds…

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