The Indian way to ‘maximise value’

The Stringer

“Paisa vasool” is a mindset that connects an incredibly diverse country, where locals find value in everything and make the most of every interaction.

During my first weekend at my new apartment in Mumbai, I visited a local farmers market where I filled a basket with vegetables and spices. At the end of the line, I added a carton of eggs but didn’t have exact change for the vendor. He told me not to worry and to take them for free –I could just pay him back next week. His immediate trust surprised me, as did the unexpected sense of connection I had with a stranger, and his act of kindness made me a regular customer.

In India, there’s a cultural concept calledpaisa vasoolthat roughly translates to “value for money”. Paisa vasool, which reflects the local lifestyle of finding value in everything we have and making the most…

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