On Work and Money: Part Two

Pointless Overthinking

By Troy Headrick

If you haven’t already done so, you might want to have a look at part one. That one was mostly about work. This second piece will be more focused on money; although, work and money really go hand in hand because without the former, the latter is hard to come by.

In part one, I mentioned (and linked to) “The Shame that Keeps Us in Our Jobs,” an article by Paul Millerd. The Millerd piece was interesting because the author talked about “the elephant in the room,” a truth about America and American culture that we all know exists but are too reticent (for whatever reason) to talk about. Perhaps we stay mum because the truth says something about us that is discomforting? Namely, that many Americans have this firmly held belief that rich people are better than others because they are rich

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