Communication, Letter by Letter

The Twisting Tail

Communication without understanding
is like screaming
into an oscillating fan
because you like the way it smells

Effective communication with a spouse
Do you want to do it?
Yes; no; maybe.
Which is it?
I dunno.

Effective communication with a child
Did you do it?
Did you?
Tell the truth, did you?

Effective communication with a friend
What do you want to do?
Like what?
I dunno, you?
I dunno.

Pride is a burden
And a downfall
It should not be a requirement

At times I love who I am
At times
I hate myself
But I love and hate me
What makes me
I know that
That is enough

I focus
To know myself
Good and bad

Being individual
Should be enough
for everyone

With shame, love, and hate
As much as pride
As long as we are true to ourselves

I march every…

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