“All in” against Netanyahu in Israel?

Beyond The Lines

Source – timesofisrael

The stakes have been raised! Former T.V. Presenter Yair Lapid, leader of Yesh Atid party and Tech multi-millionaire Neftali Bennett, leader of Yamina party are betting against time to prove a majority by securing at least 61 seats in the Israel Parliament of 120 seats.

Source – reuters

Just in –Issac Herzog has been elected as the 11th President of Israel. Issac Herzog beat rival candidate Miriam Peretz by 87 to 26 votes by lawmakers. Herzog is a former centre-left politician.

    Compromising ideology for the great good?

    Source – the Jerusalem post

    For your kind information Yair Lapid, is a secular centrist and Neftali Bennett is right-wing religious nationalist. To secure at least 61 seats, both politicians have also contacted Merav Michaeli, leader of the Labour Party in Israel since January 2021. Gideon Sa’ar a right-wing politician, leader of the New Hope party and the

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