Parinibbāna :- Conclusion [ Read this ] My Favorite Post.


The India = Peaceful country. Thanksgiving.

Today’s Topic :- Parinibbāna + Intellectual + Peace + Humanity + Appreciation + Dedicated + Equality + Friendly + Continents.

The Path of intellectual: Parinibbāna [ Read This ] Conclusion.

Hi friends Today about People related post. Note-Perspective! Place of Peace and only for Intellectual. YOU know All My Friends I had appreciated that happy time (all of you) as a friend but only a few remembered about that. Thank you! to all my friends.All post on that time. Because All things and thinks happened in one day!.

The Path of intellectual.

🌷Parinibbāna or🌼 Parinirvāṇa Day🌷


The India is the birthplace of Buddhism, and the religion is part of India’s spiritual heritage and then spread around the world. The India = Peaceful country + Respect to others + Spread Humanity + Spread kindness + Spiritual heritage + Mainly based on Buddhist rules…

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