Of Massacres, Myths, and Morgan Freeman


I found myself stalled this morning, wondering “What can I write that’s worth writing about on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre?” It’s an event most of my friends and colleagues seem to have only just learned about from the 2020 Watchmen series, but I had known about for decades. I can’t remember where and when I first became aware of it, maybe from researching black music, which leads to asborbing black history (June is Black Music Month btw), or from an exhibition we did on lynching at the New-York Historical Society back in 2000 when I was p.r. director there. You might call this atrocity the American Kristallnacht if there weren’t so many other American Kristallnachts. Everyone else will be spouting off about the event itself today, as many did yesterday (it was a two day tragedy) so there’s no need for me to add…

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