My Super-Secret Operation!

Mitch Teemley

Leicester Hospital (leicestermercury.com.uk)
Photo courtesy of Leicester Mercury

My Real Memoir

I asked my wife whether I should publicly share this hidden nugget from my childhood. Being pseudo-famous, I find it wise to ask my very private wife (she does sometimes go out in public) when to share such paparazzi-fodder. Her reply? “Be delicate.”

I had a “hernia operation” when I was seven. Or six. Or five. We moved when I was seven, so it somehow seems like my entire early childhood happened “when I was seven.”

It wasn’t my first trip to Hospital (I regularly visited the ER), but it was my first sleep-over! So I was kinda nervous. But mostly super-excited.

There were super-bright lights, and then they put a mask on my face, and then…

I woke up in a big bed with all kinds of neato buttons and handles, just like Captain Nemo’s submarine!

Nurse Sandy and…

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