I, A Teen…

Soulmate Of Solitude

As time does go,
I too will grow.
My mind wanna rove,
To seek more love.

As my life do flow,
Soul has to glow,
So let mind to plow,
As I need no blow.

As I'm a teen,
I have that keen,
To see that unseen,
To have all sheen.

I'm not much shy,
To tame all sigh.
I must fly to high,
Till you reach the sky.

To know the truth,
To have all mirth,
To reach the youth,
I've take this birth.

Though I lack boots,
I set my own routes,
To reach the shoots,
And to know your roots.

I've no more tear,
I left all my fear,
As I've to bear,
Pain of my sphere.

To stop all noise,
To set my joys,
I have that voice,
As I'm one of boys.

Lemme spread my wing,
With zenith of zing,
Though I dunna sing,

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