The Captain of the Ship and the Rudderless Young Man

Intellectual Shaman

I look into the future

and I see nothing but suffering, if I go the way of other men.

Many of them are happy, for a time

and many of them are tortured, for years

I always keep my ears open

for the truth

I talk to my pastor

He knows I like him

even though I never tell him

He probably thinks it’s because he knows Greek and Latin

but it’s because he reminds me of a cult leader.

I enjoy his charisma and his knowledge

even if he has some plugged-in beliefs

“Would you like to meet for coffee?”

“Sure!” I said.

When I get there, he’s working on his sermon. He’s bald and he has enormous hands. He’s a carpenter, like Jesus, and he has a Ph.D. in Theology.

I don’t have any authority in my life.

which means that I don’t have a doctor, a dentist…

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