Hepatitis Treatment

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May is Hepatitis Awareness Month in the US. Here we look at the five types of viral hepatitis and some of the drugs that can treat the disease.n

What is Hepatitis?
Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver, usually caused by a viral infection. But liver damage from alcohol consumption or, in rare cases, autoimmune conditions can cause the inflammation.

Types of Viral Hepatitis
There are 5 types of viral hepatitis : A, B, C, D and E

– Hepatitis A and E – Spread by food or water contamination. Types A and E usually don’t require treatment. Recovery time is one to two months.
– Hepatitis B and C – Spread by infected blood or bodily fluids. Types B and C often require treatment to cure. Chronic cases can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.
– Hepatitis D – It can infect only people with Type B hepatitis.

Treatment Modalities

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