Sit Spot Haiku -Eastern American Toad

Naturalist Weekly

Today’s Haiku:

Tending the garden
Caring for the young flowers
Jump back! Happy toad.

I am always excited to see the first toads of the season and the Eastern American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus americanus) is the type of toad that I encounter the most.  

Eastern American Toad

These toads are between 2.5 and 3 inches long and may be gray, greenish gray, or various shades of brown.  Adult toads generally live in moist, open habitats like fields and grasslands. The Eastern American Toad is also a common resident of gardens in the Northeast. These toads should be seen as a welcome guest to your garden because they will eat harmful insects and other garden pests. 

One of the distinct features of the Eastern American Toad is the parotoid gland which is located behind each eye. This gland can secrete a milky alkaloid substance known as bufotoxin.  Bufotoxin is the name of…

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