Sit Spot Haiku -Amber Snail

Naturalist Weekly

Today’s Haiku:

  • Early morning dew
  • Gathers in the unkept grass
  • A snail emerges

Snails are classified as gastropod mollusks. What this means that they are part of the larger mollusk phylum which includes snails, slugs, mussels, and octopuses. The more specific class gastropod, or gastropoda, narrows this group to snails and slugs. Gastropods either have a univalve shell or no shell, and they have a distinct head bearing sensory organs. Snails are often separated further by their habitat. There are terrestrial snails (land snails), salt-water snails, and freshwater snails.

The Amber Snail is the common name for snails in the Succineidae family. Amber snails are land snails and they got their name because they have thin fragile shells that are translucent or amber in color. The Amber snail is a common species of snail that is often found on reeds and grasses near water, damp meadows, or swamps.

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