The cool face of the water asked me for a kiss

There’s nothing contemporary in dying now

Though living is no renewed

Fantasing crawling out of the hole I looped

Racqueting thoughts spiralling

Once a young soul was discovered on her cold bedroom floor

With nothing but a vacant bottle of pills

No pulse reverberating her animation

Blue lips and purple veins

Soon I will be cold once more

The rope hangs your family and friends too, not just who

Some days she felt everything at once then nothing at all

Suffocating beneath the waves or dying from thirst

An ironic tale

The pills she was instructed to consume

By the nice facade of a doctor in white

Were all swallowed down at once

And took away her life

And her brother whispered amongst the plethora of flowers by her grave

“Mummy, why do the best people die?”

“When you’re…

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