Dryad’s Saddle

Naturalist Weekly

This beautiful bracket mushroom’s scientific name is Polyporus squamosus. It’s common name is Dryad’s Saddle.  These polyporus fungus can either grow on fallen logs and tree stumps in a saprophytic relationship, or may be found as a parasitic growth on hardwood trees such as maple and elm. They have widespread distribution including being found in North America, Australia, Asia, and Europe.  Dryad’s saddle can range in size from 4 to 24” and can get to almost 2” thick.(1) 

Dryad’s Saddle is an edible mushroom that is best eaten when young and tender. At this point they can be roasted or sautéed. Mature specimens that still have white flesh can be collected, dried and powdered or broken into very small pieces for use in soups or stews. “The best rule to follow is to use your foraging knife and if you find that it is tough to remove it…

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