Pointless Overthinking

Billy Osogo

A year ago, George Floyd (yes, say his name) was brutally murdered in broad daylight, by a law enforcement officer. His death was yet another addition to the long list of black people who have suffered the same fate.

However, akin to Rosa Parks’ arrest or Dr. King’s assassination, it was unique in one respect. It shocked a population who had been long traumatized into accepting systemic racism as a routine. The ensuing furore manifested in the Black Lives Matter protests across the world is testament to that.

A year on, George Floyd’s anniversary, provides a moment to reflect. Here are a few thoughts.

Great democracies have institutions that are constantly assessing and, if necessary, adjusting the course of the country in the pursuit of consistency with our values and our law, even under the most stressing conditions.”- Dr. Condolezza Rice (No Higher Honor)

George Floyd’s…

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