Was Lost…


I have a cell phone in my bed
A remote control somewhere over my head
Wakin’ up to the sounds of MTV
The singer’s lyrics make no sense to me

Still hazy from the night before
Feels like I had a bout with Tyson my body is sore
One week in hell and beyond
The stress and strain makes me want to abscond…

Into the Twilight Zone
A new dimension where I am unknown
A place of peace and creativity
A whole new world, an adventure to see…

Consisting of meekness, compassion, love and happiness
A residence where all shortcomings can be addressed
In obscurity, where the soul can be cleaned
And somehow the anointing redeemed

When back from the Zone one is renewed
With more strength and vigor; all dreams can now be pursued
And one is thankful for the mental vacation
This spirit is replenished— filled with such…

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