What Are The Oil-Rich Muslim Nations Doing To Save Gaza? Nothing As Always


Awbuck Qandoe

New Delhi, May 17, 2021: If you take a look at the map of West Asia, you’ll find that the Israel-Palestine flashpoint is surrounded by a handful of extremely wealthy Muslim-dominated countries.

Countries that are mostly oil-rich and theocratic. Countries that have pockets so deep that they routinely buy the costliest and most sophisticated military equipment. Countries that are geographically close enough to lend a quick helping hand to the distressed Palestinians.

Yet, every single time the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank face the wrath of the Israeli military, the so-called Muslim-sympathetic and almighty-fearing countries are only happy watching the action from the sidelines.

The only action that they indeed take is to issue “sternly-worded” press statements, and that too belated ones, calling on Israel to stop bulldozing poor Palestinians.

Just words. That’s it.

Gas, rather. Qatari gas, to turn it into a ‘crude’ joke.

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