we gotta spend more time together

Daydreaming as a profession

“I was ten years old,” she said, her head resting on my shoulder. “And the flames covered the damn sky. Though our neighbor was actually lucky. Lucky I didn’t burn his house. I mean, motherfucker had it coming. You don’t run over a girl’s puppy and expect to get out scratch free, you know?” “I too had a neighbor who ran over my puppy with his tractor,” I said. “I think I was also around ten.” “And what did you do about it?” she asked “Nothing,” I said “What? But how?” “Like I said, I was just some insignificant kid from the countryside. All I could do was cry.” “My God,” she said, “that’s so fucking lame. Where’s that neighbor of yours today?” “I’ve no idea. Perhaps he’s dead. He was pretty old when it all happened.” “If that’s the case then you have the duty to go piss on…

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