This color of skin


“Run!” she cried. “Run!” Gunshots.

She woke up in a cold sweat, shivering.

“Hey honey.”

“Hey dad.”

“You look tired.”

“Yeah. I had a nightmare again.”

“The same one?”

“Yeah.” She trembled involuntarily. “Where’s mom?”

“Still sleeping. So is your brother.”

She looked out the window. The sky was a lovely mauve, the lavender of the trees swaying in the morning breeze. The forlorn mountains glistened, the tops shaded with lilac. She loved the calm shades of purple that greeted her eyes.

Everything was monochrome.

Rainbowland was driven into factionalism. The hierarchy consisted of the higher class, or the Intelligentsia, and the lower class, the Segregationists.

The Intelligentsia had developed to such an extent that they no longer paid heed to dogmatic matters and bigotry. They were beyond human boundaries, physical and emotional. The Segregationists, on the other hand, were so weighed down by their ancient thought processes that they…

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