The Sphinx…

Goutam's Writings

Amidst the most desolate landscape;
Where the weather is harsh, unfriendly.
You have chosen to place me-
For what purpose? What intent?
In which hour of day did you conceive me?
Did I intrude into your sleep
As a nightmare, most grotesque? 

For centuries, have I sat outside the pyramids.
Did you conceive me as a protector of the dead?
Or perhaps consort for the ghosts of the dead
When they choose to ride
Through the vast stretches of sandy wilderness? 

What purpose is the lion's body that you chose?
Is my human head a replica of a sage?
Weathering the elements of nature
for you I await.
These are queries which,
For centuries, have left my stony soul tormented.

Copyright @Goutam Dutta


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