The Sister…

Soulmate Of Solitude

Hey Guys,

      I’m again with a poem, titled ‘ The sister ‘.

    The Sister

My follower and friend,
Fate made us the one,
And she knew me,
From my face to pace,
From my tear to tore,
From my toys to joys,
From my foes to boss.
That brought us together,
From the flame to fame.

My lesson and lantern,
We fought with me,
And she cedes for me,
For she loves my glee,
For she knows my soul,
For she heals my pain,
For she mends my glee.
She made mirth in my mind,
With out sour and sore.

My dearest and delight,
Give me all her things,
And she taught me,
About flies and skies,
About scars and stars,
About depth and earth,
About fauna and moana.
She set shine and sagacity,
Made mastery in my mind.

My bestie and beloved,

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