The Ballad Of Greatness…

Soulmate Of Solitude

Hello brothers and sisters,

I’m again, with a poem about the sons of God, who had made all the change, tended the values on human minds and life on world’s soul. Enjoy the verse…💞

     Sons of God...

The great gems that fell from His own crown,
As a seed in His garden,
That grew,rose, bloomed, and made our Eden,
From the our ruin to the throne,
Souls that stained in sea and stream of time,
Path of peace, for all change,
Their triumph that tamed the rage and revenge,
Turned us to heaven's frame...
They born and rose amidst of all melancholy,
Their life is not by lucks,
From birth to death, life with full of blocks,
But the will to be holy,
Had never faded under the reign of dark,
That made the world pure,
Their hands had the cure to still the unsure,
And to soar like a…

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