Solitude Started To Stay and Say…

Soulmate Of Solitude

Hello Friends,

I’m Adith again, with another poem, but now continuation of the story of soulmate of solitude which was published in the link given below (as a poem).

The Soulmate Of Solitude

Solitude Started To Say And Stay...

She is my miracle and mirth,and girl of mine,
Who came to mend my merry,by ending my pain.
She taught the truth of life, death and birth,
Which revealed reality, the untold key of mirth.
She was sly, but her secret is the fact of worlds,
Her words dissolved even in the ocean's folds.

As I travelled all worlds as her own shadow,
I knew that she knew all, the mirage in meadow.
When I woke up from my illusions to the real,
I was infinitesimal before her infinite ideal.
The sooth serves the soul as fallacy fails,
Or it takes the soul when lies leap the limits.
She used to…

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